Welcome back CNY 8.88% Deals!

Welcome back CNY 8.88% Deals!


Chinese New Year is that time of the year in which colour red is vibrantly displayed in the advertisements, retail stores and even in the household especially for the Chinese. As how red usually used as a colour symbolism for luck in every Chinese New Year, number 8 is also believed to be the other symbolism for luck, prosperity and even happiness!


In Golfreserv, we genuinely believe that Chinese New Year means countless Ang Pows and

more rewarding discounts for everyone! 🤩🏮

This year, we decided to bring back our renowned triple prosperity deals or the so called

Chinese New Year 8.88% Deals! 

Now, you can enjoy the whole month of Chinese New Year celebrating and golfing

with whopping discounts!


  1. Login or Sign-Up for FREE at Golfreserv.com

  2. Make a booking starting today until 28/2/2019

  3. You will immediately receive a unique promo code via email.

  4. Key in promo code upon checkout on your next booking and redeem 8.88% Off!

Promo codes valid till 15/3/2019


📌 Golfers are required to sign-up on Golfreserv.com to enjoy the CNY 8.88% Deals

📌 All CNY 8.88% Deals’ Promo code will be exclusively issued by Golfreserv.

📌 The CNY 8.88% Deals’ Promo code is valid only for the next booking made upon receiving the promo code.

📌 The CNY 8.88% Deals’ Promo code is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

📌 To be entitled for the CNY 8.88% Deals’ Promo code, all bookings should be made before 28/2/2019

📌 The CNY 8.88% Deal’s Promo code will expire on 15/3/2019