Few years of not meeting your friends brought you to a decision where you guys planned to play golf. So, you, as the planner were asked to organize and everything out. Since you’re looking for a hassle-free way to book, you thought of Golfreserv. Great idea! Yet somehow, you couldn’t find the time slot that you want to. It’s not there.

Now that, is exactly why we offer you both Instant booking, and Request Booking. What’s the difference? Instant booking is where you are able to book directly as the slot availability is confirmed. As for your case back there at the beginning, you will find Booking Request as the perfect solution! Booking Request is where we offer variety of time slots for you. But, we need to confirm the slots availability for you first, before you proceed to book.

Let us put it in a simpler way for you,

NOTE: Time slots in White are Instant Booking; Green are Booking Request

The process of both are quite similar. The difference is, for Booking Request, once you proceed by clicking the button labelled “Request Now”, our Customer Support will immediately process your request and get back to you as soon as possible!


One more thing, it is not just time that we offer you a variety of choices. Courses as well. However, if you still can’t find your favourite course with us, you can also request for it! We, at Golfreserv, will try our best to get it for you, even better, with a better rate! Just kindly call our Customer Support, and let us assist you.


Golfreserv Customer Support: 

+60 3-9212 6695 (Malaysia)

+65 3163 7104 (Singapore)


This one weekend, you just decided to take off with your friends after an exhausting week to, one golfer would say – men’s escape. One of your buddies decided to join. Well, yeah, why not? So, you guys hit the road and went to a course to play. Turns out, one of your friend’s privilege card was expired – not even a member to the club. What makes it a day, the tee times were full. Imagine the hassle of calling and rearranging everything all over again.

This is where a group of people came to saviour. Yes, us!

Golfreserv Team!


What do we do? We help you avoid those things happen back there. We came out with an idea of, “what if we let everyone play? Anytime, anywhere they’d like”

The fundamental of Golfreserv is, we let you assure a place to play, a time to play. With us, you do not need any kind of membership cards nor fees. With us, you are in charge. You can choose when and where to play, however you want it to be. But, still begs the question why? What’s so special about Golfreserv? “I can handle the hassle”, or maybe “I have a membership card, no big deal”. Well, here is what makes us even better, we give you the chance to enjoy discounts and privileged rates like no other would offer.

You just need to head on to our website, then Book, Pay, and Play. You know you’ll be wondering, that sounds too good to be true, right? Indeed, it is. Not just that, remember the time where these Airlines companies upgraded, and you get to choose your meal before or on board? Why not with Golfreserv? Yes, we do offer meals, and other add-ons to tailor your needs.

Back to where we started, ever have that friend? Show them this, and perhaps you can book together!