Malaysia's Premier Courses

Golf never changes. But the courses and the experiences do.
Malaysia is golf. We offer sensational premier courses to be presented to the world. Here, you will feel the difference in the sense of challenges and environment. Golfing in Malaysia will not just be a routine. It will be one of the best moments of your life!

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Let’s get started with Kedah,
We have The Els Club Teluk Datai as the eye-catcher to every golfer. Just imagine golfing plus the scenic view of Langkawi Island. You can never resist the charm! The strategic location itself shows how this course can challenge your skills. Ernie Els designed it with a multi-challenging 18 holes within 6750 yards. On top of that, the facilities there are very up-to-date. Take the cart for instance, it has the latest GPS system. This course is also designed with short game practice areas for chipping and putting.

Stop by Selangor,
We all know that Selangor is a huge state in the country. For sure they made a good move on creating some of the finest golf courses here. Let us name you few courses; Sungai Long Golf & Country Club, Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, The recent award winning – Palm Garden Golf Club and Templer Park Country Club. Sojourn at these courses, and surely you will have the time of your life! All set for a game of 18-holes each with some trademark holes well known for its challenge and spectacular view. For instance, Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, its 16th and 18th hole are the signature of the course. These exquisite courses offer some of the best services for its customers. Put these elements together, and you will definitely feel the difference!

Palm Garden Golf Club

Moving on to Johor,
The Els Club Desaru Coast Ocean and Valley Courses, are listed among the top courses in the country. Let's take The Valley Course as an example. Well known for its challenging course structure and superb service, it is indeed every golfer’s favourite destination in all of Asia! Most of the reviews agree that the facilities and service there are world-class. You will enjoy a warm welcome from the staff while you indulge in the exclusivity of the club. With over 180 bunkers set to challenge all skill levels, these courses are a must for those who wants to enhance their skills. In addition, Horizon Hills is also a huge hit in the state with competitive features as well. These refined courses are the ones that make Johor, a place to keep on the list if you want to spoil yourself with some golf!

Photo of The Els Club Desaru - Valley Course, taken by Kevin Murray (Professional Golf Photographer), from

Next, let’s go all the way to, Sabah!
This holiday heaven also offers some upscale golf courses for you to experience. Check out Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club and Nexus Golf Resort Karambunai. Both have 18-holes and are the go-to spots for you to experience a whole new level of golfing. Nexus Golf Resort Karambunai is complete with tons of accommodation. From a spa, to pool and even pro shop, you name it! It is here! Ronald Fream’s design is indeed player friendly yet strategically challenging.

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Sneak Peek at The Els Club Desaru: The Valley Course

Surely you have read about this course recently. Heard that it will be one of the best golf destinations in Asia. Our team was as eager as you are, so we dug a little further through Mr. Johan Fariz, an avid golfer who was invited to play there before it even officially opened!

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Mr. Johan & his friends at The Els Club Desaru: Valley Course

When asked about his experience, the first thing that came to his mind was “Crazy bunkers

It was such an honour for him to play at Vijay Singh’s latest design. And he had to admit that it was as astonishing as you’ve heard. According to him, one of the best features of this course are the bunkers. There are over 180 of them, which makes the course perfect for enhancing your skills!

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Mr. Johan’s favourite part was the 11th hole. And as he described – “the tee box was on top of the hill, and the greens below lead you straight to the breath-taking ocean scenery.”

He mentioned that the service was great. He had the warmest welcome from the staff there. They were very friendly. So, don’t be too surprised if they already know your name the moment you enter. He also mentioned that he saw the lockers there were labelled with the golfers’ names. Which for him, was quite interesting.

As you’ve heard, the course is indeed challenging, but Mr. Johan simply described it as “it is okay, as long as you can hit straight”. He would definitely recommend it to his friends. So, take his advice and be among the earliest to experience the wonder of The Els Club Desaru: The Valley Course.

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