Mega Surprise - Golfreserv Hua Hin 2018 Series Back To Back


The commencement of Merdeka and upcoming Malaysia Day have brought many bumper offers & promotions at many e-commerce sites. Be it e-commerce online shopping or sports online booking platform like Golfreserv.

Golfreserv has been overwhelmed by the great response at Golfreserv Hua Hin 2018 Series 1 (24-27 August 2018) and thus brought an upgraded version of the same series. Golfreserv brought to you Golfreserv Hua Hin 2018 Series Back To Back with additional benefits at just RM2988 only.

More Interesting – More Hot – And More Affordable

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Why Golfreserv Hua Hin 2018 Series Back To Back

  1. First 5 Flights can play at Alpine Golf Club
  2. Don’t worry, the rest of the flights can plat at Nikanti Golf Club
  3. Stay at 1-Day at Bangkok and 3-Day at Hua Hin
  4. Pork-free lunch
  5. Airfare Included
  6. Driver & Guide tips included

This is not just it! Play at Golfreserv Hua Hin 2018 Series Back To Back to know about more benefits and fantastic offers.

What’s Special With Alpine Golf Club?


In nutshell, it is a diamond that you just can’t miss and Golfreserv is bringing you the opportunity to play at this premium club which is otherwise hard to get.

  1. It’s a 18-hole championship course that makes your skill level to the par.
  2. Strong Member’s club – Only members can play there
  3. Unparalleled facilities for golfers

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Don’t miss – September 27 to October 1, 2018

Golfing is extremely popular in Thailand and the reason is not hidden to the golfers. Thailand has amazing ground service and designer Golf Courses and this combo is a perfect treat for every golf fan. Locales would suggest you visit these golf clubs because:

  • Springfield Golf Resort & Country Club – As it is designed by Jack Nicklaus, the golf course boasts the challenging curves for a golfer in Cha-am.
  • Banyan Golf Club – The golf course is awarded ‘Best Golf Club Experience In Asia Pacific’, and ‘Best Managed Golf Course In Asia Pacific’ and has bagged many other awards as well.
  • Black Mountain Golf Club – The course is listed in the US Golf Digest’s list of the Best 100 Courses Outside the United States.


Making Golfing Easier - Terms & Conditions

1) All payments made need to be accompanied by proof of payment (i.e. bank-in slip/copy of payment receipt) and email to the customer support at Submit your passport photocopy to the Golfreserv management.

2) The participant(s) who are interested can make an online transfer or bank-in to Golfreserv Travel Sdn Bhd, Maybank Account - 5621 4240 7384.

3) For participants who make bank transfer payment, kindly send us the digital copy of your payment slip for our record by email us at After the confirmation of the payment, Golfreserv will email the details of the itinerary and travel to the participant(s).

4) No refund for any unused services.

5) The details of the itinerary would be informed to the interested participant(s) only.

6) Registration is based on the first-come-first-serve basis by submitting this registration form.

7) Only first 5 flights (as per registration form submission) will be awarded to play at the Alpine Golf Club.

8) The event will be conducted according to the Rules of Golf as laid down by the R & A and the local participating club rules. The mode of play in Golfreserv Hua Hin 2018 Series Back To Back is Stableford system 36, handicap of the day.

9) Golfreserv Travel Sdn Bhd shall not entertain the golfers who wish to change the itinerary and/or inclusions and/or travel/series dates in any case.

10) Golfreserv Travel Sdn Bhd holds the rights to change the itinerary at any time which will be finally announced to the participants.

11) The decision of Golfreserv with the cooperation of Golf Courses (Black Mountain Golf Club, Banyan Golf Club, Springfield Golf Resort & Country Club, Nikanti Golf Club & Alpine Golf Club) of deducing the winners at the end of the Series will be final.

12) Any award/prize/gift given to the participants/golfers will be the final decision of the sponsored authorities and shall not change for any reason.

13) The dedicated room list with names will be provided which shall not be changed or shuffled for any reason.

14) All participants are required to provide the emergency contact number in case of any adversity.

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How To Play Golf - Complete Guide For The Beginners Part 1

When you don’t allow your age to hamper your sport, you call sportsmanship but when the sport is not bothering your age, then you call it a happy sport for everyone. And that’s what we call Golf!

With louder laughs, gossips of and around the world and dedication to playing golf are the things that define the spirit of golf players. Poor rumours like ‘lazy golf lad’ is a big no-no actually for a player throughout his or her life because they need to walk and cover the golf course to understand and make the strategy of golf playing. And this much walking before the actual show needs a lot of strength. Not only this, but the players also indulge in specific diets and exercise to keep up their sound and healthy persona.

If you are an amateur player then you must know the rules. Don’t worry, we have your back!

Let’s start:

  1. Get To know About Clubs

There is no denying in the fact that right tool can lead to a successful playing and bring your dream trophies. But for the preliminary chapter, one needs to learn how to choose correct tool for the right shot without losing a fortune. Invest in the equipment which will help you to develop your skills with minimal expense. There are many of the new upcoming and popular golf products on the portal but understanding their utility should be your priority instead of steady buying.

Image result for types of golf clubs

Few clubs for sure shot within a budget – You can carry as many as 14 clubs in your golf bag but you can start with a driver, a putter, a sand wedge and supplement the clubs with a 7-iron, 8-iron, a pitching wedge, and a fairway wood with 18-21 degrees of loft. These clubs are thought to be the most efficient partners for the amateur golfers.

  1. Always Try Before You Buy

Hunt for a larger golf shop instead of smaller ones and first try a 6-iron with a stiff-flex shaft and regular-flex. One of them would make your iron easy to handle or control. The shaft flex is better to start with all your clubs. Once you think you are experiencing a better hold on this game, a club fitting will enable you to get 100% out of your equipment.

  1. Concentrate On The Loft

For the beginners in golf playing who are actually getting their hand on ‘how to play golf’ can opt for woods with more loft. The extra loft provides easy air swing to the ball and can reduce sidespin while making your shots fly straighter. With a minimum of 10-degrees of loft, you can opt for 17 degrees fairway woods for a good start.

  1. Exclusive Clubs With Advantages Made Beginners

There are some clubs that are exclusively made for the beginners which enable them to make a straight hit. Choose hybrids with wider soles instead of 3-, 4-, and 5-irons which will help the club to stick in the ground during powerful hits.

  1. The Right Golf Ball Can Bring Wonders

If you are a keeper and tend to lose less then you can go for the better cost of balls. For example; if you tend to lose two sleeves easily in a round, buy golf balls of approximate $20 a dozen and if you lose less than a sleeve in a round, you can consider $40 for per dozen balls.

So, don’t stick your mind on the couch and pamper your golfer spirit by first buying right equipment without looting a bank.

Part 2 coming soon…